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Currently a Science Visualizer at the
Charles Hayden Planetarium
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Planetarium Shows I've Worked On
From Dream to Discovery: Inside NASA - 2015
Waiting Far Away - 2014
Moons: Worlds of Mystery - 2013
Undiscovered Worlds - 2011
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Jason Fletcher's CV
Studied at SAIC
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
- BFA in 3D Animation - 2004-2008
- Merit scholarship recipient
- Early college program - 2002
Software Proficiency

360 Video


Maya / Mental Ray, After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere, Navegar Fulldome Plugin, World Machine, Deadline
Autopano Video Pro
HTML, CSS, jQuery
Ableton Live, Pure Data
Production Management
- Comprehensive understanding of fulldome production
- Strong imagination that embraces critique
- Projects built non-destructively with version control
- Able to conceptualize a series of design drafts from scratch
- Visualize 4k workflow and foresee problems
- Polished branding style, typography skills, and color theory
- Consistently finish projects on schedule
Show Awards / Screenings
Current Planetarium Show Production: 2016-2018
From Dream to Discovery: Inside NASA

Immersive Film Festival 2015
- Awarded: Best Immersion

Jackson Hole Science Media Awards 2016
- Finalist: Immersive Cinema
Released free engineering materials for domes and classrooms
- Blueprint to Blastoff
Undiscovered Worlds: The Search Beyond Our Sun
Jackson Hole Science Media Awards 2012
- Awarded: Best Immersive Cinema
- Finalist: Theatrical Program
Moons: Worlds of Mystery
Jackson Hole Science Media Awards 2014
- Finalist: Immersive Cinema
Waiting Far Away
Distributed internationally to 215 domes
- Screened at SIGGRAPH 2015: VR Village Dome
- Screened at Geneva International Film Festival Tous Ecrans 2015
- Screened at Jena Fulldome Festival 2014
- Screened at Melbourne International Film Festival 2016
Presentations / Sessions
SXSW 2017: Making a Live Storytelling Show for a Planetarium
- Describe the development of the show, perform excerpts, and discuss how to create moments of tenderness, learning, and awe.

IMERSA Summit 2016: Successful Visualizing for Fulldome Storytelling
- Presented techniques for keeping a 4k production nimble and synced

IMERSA Summit 2016: Stragetic Planning
- Lead a group in creating goals and strategies for "Promoting the Medium" looking five years out

IMERSA Summit 2015: Future Immersion Panel
- Presented technqiues for using 360 video in the dome

Ohio State University 2013: The End & Beginning of Everything
- Taught astronomy visualization techniques as a visiting artist
News Articles
Stars & Stardom
- Globe article about our SubSpace Project /// scanned newspaper - 2016

Planetarium To Make Cosmic Pop Magic
- WBUR article about our SubSpace Project - 2016

A 360° Tour of NASA's Engineering
- 360Heros.com interview about shooting at NASA - 2014
Special Planetarium Events
SubSpace Project

- Experimental monthly series dedicated to amazing musicians. The animators create fresh dome visuals to create a mesmerizing experience. A testbed for eventually replacing a weekend laser show. Music includes: David Bowie, Prince, Björk, Beyoncé, Radiohead, Tom Waits, Lady Gaga - 2016

A World Underwater: The Reefs of Belize

- Presentation in the planetarium of 360 video from scuba diving at Glover's Reef Research Station. - 2016

Stories Under the Stars

- Performance of live storytelling, radio, and music. Features true stories, both personal and inspired by science, that explore the theme of "Light in the Dark". - 2016

Einstein's Playground

- Live demonstration of what effects you'll see traveling at the speed of light. Utilized Unity3D to bring video gaming into the dome. - 2016
- Finalist in Interactive /// Jackson Hole Science Media Awards 2016

Space Station

- Audience roleplaying an adventure in the dome. Give commands, explore rooms, examine objects, and try to escape the Space Station, if you can survive! - 2016

Cosmic Loops: Music Beneath the Stars
- Ongoing series of live music with custom dome visuals - 2013-2016

Beyond the Telescope

- Features guest astronomers who share their current research using the planetarium datasets. 2012-2016

DJ Spooky: The Hidden Code
- Created dome visuals for the World premiere performance: The Hidden Code - 2015

MassArt 2017: TBD
MassArt 2015: The Unknown Between
MassArt 2013: Sentient
- Immersive experiences created by college students
- Acted as fulldome advisor
Unique 360 Video Shoots
The Reefs of Belize - 2016
- Collaboration with MIT - Glover's Reef Research Station, Belize

Leafcutter Ant Colony - 2016
- Within the Butterfly Garden at the Museum of Science - Boston, MA

Atlas V rocket launch of the MMS spacecraft
- 2015
- NASA's Kennedy Space Center - Cape Canaveral, FL

NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center - 2014
- Spacecraft testing facilities and high bay clean room - Greenbelt, MD
Science Visualizer

- Charles Hayden Planetarium, Museum of Science - 2010-current
- 57-foot concentric dome with 209 seats

Freelance Web & Print Designer

- Realtime Republic - 2007-2010


- Natural Media Research Labs /// web series pilot - 2008
- Post Effects /// green screen studio - 2006
- Hamblin Studios /// photographer - 2005
Conferences I've Attended
- SXSW 2017 - Austin, TX
- IMERSA Summit 2016 - Denver, CO
- IMERSA Summit 2015 - Denver, CO
- IX Symposium 2015 - Montreal, Canada
- IMERSA Summit 2013 - Denver, CO
- Comic-Con 2008 - San Diego, CA
- Singularity Summit 2007 - San Francisco, CA
Continuing Education
Lindy Hop & Swing Class
- Hop to the Beat Dance Studio - 2017

Learn to Cut Like a Pro
- Sur La Table: cooking course - 2014

Watercolor Painting: Experiments with Color and Texture
- Cambridge Center for Adult Education - 2013

Intro to Audio DSP and Synthesis using Pure Data
- Artisan's Asylum - 2012

Fundamentals of Contemporary Astronomy
- Harvard University: summer course - 2011

Finding the Missing Peace
- Meditation course - 2011